Indulging in the irresistible crunch of Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls, each delectable bite offers a delightful combination of savory flavors and satisfying textures. Packed with succulent shredded chicken, crisp cabbage, and vibrant carrots, this wholesome filling is elevated by the aromatic blend of garlic and ginger, creating a symphony of tastes in every roll. The use of soy sauce and a hint of sesame oil imparts a savory umami essence, enriching the overall profile. Encased in a perfectly golden, crispy wrapper, these guilt-free delights are air-fried to perfection, requiring just a spritz of cooking spray to achieve that coveted crunch without excess oil. With a mere 1 W-W point per roll, these air-fried wonders manage to strike the perfect balance between health-conscious choices and indulgent satisfaction. Serve them alongside your favorite dipping sauce for a flavorful experience that marries convenience and culinary delight, making these Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls an ideal addition to any meal or snack time.

The magic of these Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls extends beyond their delicious taste. Beyond being a culinary treat, they embody a health-conscious approach, showcasing the versatility of air frying technology. The carefully curated ingredients not only cater to flavor enthusiasts but also to those mindful of their dietary choices. The efficient cooking process in the air fryer ensures a crisp exterior while maintaining the integrity of the wholesome filling, resulting in a guilt-free indulgence. The convenience of preparation and the use of minimal oil contribute to a lighter, yet incredibly satisfying, culinary experience.

These rolls make for an excellent appetizer at gatherings, a delightful snack for movie nights, or even a creative addition to your meal prep routine. The simplicity of the recipe allows for personalization, encouraging culinary enthusiasts to experiment with different fillings or tweak the seasoning to suit individual preferences. The Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls not only tantalize the taste buds but also inspire a sense of culinary adventure, proving that healthier choices can be just as delightful as they are nutritious. Dive into the world of guilt-free indulgence and savor each moment with these delightful, low-point wonders.

Beyond their culinary allure, Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls present a symphony of contrasts. The exterior boasts a golden crispness that yields to a satisfying crunch with every bite, while the interior unveils a medley of textures—tender chicken, crunchy cabbage, and the subtle resistance of carrots—all harmonizing to create a palate-pleasing experience. The mingling aromas of garlic and ginger add depth, transcending the ordinary and transforming each roll into a flavorful journey.

The genius lies not just in the taste but in the method. The air fryer, with its revolutionary cooking technique, imparts a transformative touch, achieving the coveted crispy perfection without submerging the rolls in excessive oil. This method, coupled with the strategic use of soy sauce and sesame oil, elevates the dish to a realm where health-consciousness seamlessly aligns with gastronomic satisfaction.

As the air fryer works its magic, a visual spectacle unfolds—the rolls metamorphose into golden parcels of delight, promising not just a feast for the taste buds but a treat for the eyes. The simplicity of the cooking process and the low W-W point count underscore the recipe’s appeal, offering a culinary escape that manages to be both health-conscious and hedonistic.

In essence, these Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls transcend the realm of mere snacks; they become a testament to the fusion of technology, culinary artistry, and mindful indulgence, inviting enthusiasts to savor each moment and appreciate the art of crafting a dish that delights on multiple levels.


They would be perfectly paired with cauliflower fried rice for a quick lunch or even dinner. If you aren’t big on chicken, you could easily use cooked ground turkey breast or cooked shrimp.

So let’s face it; egg rolls aren’t typically the healthiest choice because they are normally fried in grease. However, these Air Fryer Chicken Egg Rolls are only ONE W-W Point

Asian recipes are one of my go-to meals for two reasons: EASE and BUDGET! You could easily double or triple this recipe if you were having guests over. If you love the flavors of garlic and ginger

Only 1 W-W Point and Super Quick

  • 12 1⁄2 oz chunk chicken breast, canned and drained
  • 6 egg roll wrappers
  • 16 oz packaged coleslaw mix
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1⁄4 cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • Spray oil
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp sugar

In a small bowl, mix soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sugar; fold in chicken and coleslaw mix until well combined

Lay one egg roll wrapper with point towards you

Fill with 3 tbsp of mixture

Fold bottom point up over filling and roll once

Fold in right and left points

Brush top point with beaten egg and finish rolling

Repeat until all 6 rolls are done

Place the egg rolls into the greased basket

Spray egg rolls with oil

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