cheesecake parfaits recipe

Indulging in a guilt-free dessert has never been more delightful with these delectable cheesecake parfaits, crafted with a clever twist to keep those Weight Watchers points at bay. The recipe begins with a small box of sugar-free cheesecake Jello powder, a secret ingredient that infuses the essence of cheesecake without the calorie load. Instead of preparing the Jello per the box instructions, the powder is artfully blended with 32 ounces of plain non-fat Fage Greek yogurt, offering a creamy and protein-packed base with a negligible point count.

What makes these parfaits even more appealing is the judicious use of fat-free Reddi Whip for that luscious topping. Remarkably, you can enjoy this airy delight without accruing any points until you hit the 2/3 cup mark. To add a burst of natural sweetness and color, the recipe suggests incorporating strawberries and bananas, or any preferred fruit – a delightful way to incorporate extra flavor without significantly impacting the point tally. For those who relish a variety of flavors, the Oikos Triple Zero cups are touted as a one-point wonder, providing a flavored alternative to the plain Greek yogurt.

The flexibility of the recipe shines through in the two-serving option, where the Greek yogurt remains a zero-point hero, and the pudding mix contributes a mere 2 points when only a quarter of the package is employed. For the health-conscious dessert enthusiast, this cheesecake parfait recipe not only satisfies sweet cravings but also navigates the Weight Watchers points system with finesse, making it a delightful and guilt-free treat for any occasion. Whether enjoyed as a wholesome snack or a satisfying dessert, these parfaits embody the perfect balance between flavor and wellness.

cheesecake parfaits

3 weight watchers points for these cheesecake parfaits!!


  1. 1 small box of sugar free cheesecake jello powder (do not prepare the jello per box instructions– you don’t actually make the jello you just mix the powder in with the yogurt) mix with 32oz of plain non-fat fage Greek yogurt (I use a little less) Makes 4 servings Top with fat free Reddi Whip! You don’t hit 1 point till 2/3 of a cup! It taste awesome. It can be hard to find. I get it at Walmart.

Recipe Notes

add strawberries and banana (or whatever fruit you like) I love it with banana and blueberries. Oikos Triple Zero cups are flavored and only one point per cup.

(Notes if you only want two servings here is what you should do Greek yogurt is zero points, so use 8oz, and it’s 2 points for 1/4 of the pudding mix package)

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