Why is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast- Quick fixes [2023]

The laptop battery is one of the most challenging parts of a laptop. One of the most frequent questions among people who have a laptop is “Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?” There are many reasons to answer this question and we have brought you some of the most important ones here.

It doesn’t matter if your laptop is Windows or Mac, if you don’t pay special attention to some things that consume your laptop’s battery, you will eventually be disappointed with your laptop’s battery. In this article, we will tell you why this happens and what solutions there are to increase the life of the laptop battery.

Why is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast- Possible Reasons

Laptops are currently one of the most essential devices in life. Most employees, engineers, doctors, artists, and even students do many of their daily tasks with the help of laptops. Since laptops are light, compact, and very convenient computers, they can always be with a person. But as you know, these devices are powered by batteries, if there are any problems with the laptop battery, this device cannot be used as a portable device.

Even in many cases, due to excessive battery failure, even when the laptop is connected to electricity, it will not be usable again and cause problems. Many laptop owners ask this question: “Why does the laptop battery drain quickly?”

In the rest of this text, we will teach you what causes the laptop battery to run out and what solutions are there to solve this problem. Because turning off the laptop during an important task or while reading an article will be very unpleasant.

What Causes Excessive Battery Consumption?

If you use your laptop normally and do not consume much, it can be said that you will have a healthy and flawless battery for about four years. There are factors that can greatly increase laptop battery consumption.

One of these factors is the high brightness of the screen. When you increase the brightness of your laptop screen, you reduce the useful life of your laptop battery and this causes the battery to drain quickly.

Another factor is backups. There are many programs that have a backup system. Reduce the amount of this backup so that the process does not drain too much battery power.

One of the factors that cause excessive battery consumption is the quality and material of the laptop battery. If you have installed an old battery that is not compatible with your laptop, don’t doubt that sooner or later the laptop battery will turn off quickly and cause problems for you.

Graphics is also one of the influencing factors on laptop battery life. Most people who use heavy graphic software such as Photoshop or 3Dmax will require more battery because these apps use more battery. The type of laptop battery charging is also very important.

If you are wondering why the laptop battery drains quickly, the answer is that you should check the charging pattern of your laptop once. It is possible that you are not using the correct method to do this.

Wireless accessories of your laptop are very battery intensive and can use a lot of energy to be active. Apps like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the battery heavily. These programs use battery power with the help of wireless adapters to scan wireless networks and devices that require a high amount of battery power. When you don’t use them, you should turn them off to save battery.

Repeated charging and half-charging of the laptop can affect the useful life of the battery and the laptop battery will hold a charge for a shorter period of time. Also, don’t forget to always use the original laptop charger. Using different chargers that are not specific to laptops will cause problems in charging.

Keep The Battery Life in Mind

why is my laptop battery draining so fast

If your laptop has a life of about three or four years, you will undoubtedly come across the question of why the laptop battery is emptying quickly. The answer to your question is clear. For a laptop that has a life of about three or four years, it’s time to replace it with a new battery, because after this period something like 30% of the battery life will be lost.

There are many cases when the battery loses its energy while working with the laptop and the system shuts down. So don’t forget that the useful life of a laptop battery, even if it is excellent and useful, will not be more than four years and maybe three years, after that time you need to contact the support of your laptop system and request a new battery. Have it for your laptop.

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How Can We Solve The Problem Of Laptop Battery Draining Quickly?

In the following guide, we will introduce you to the methods by which you can easily solve the problem of fast draining of your laptop battery. Of course, note that the presented methods are used for Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo laptops and you can use these methods for any kind of windows based laptop.

1- Adjust and Control The Brightness of Your Screen

You may already know that the system display is one of the main components that are powered by the laptop battery. Therefore, the first thing we suggest when your laptop battery is empty is to check and adjust the brightness of your laptop. To do this, you can find the brightness settings in the screen taskbar or use the shortcut keys to decrease the brightness.

You can also go to Settings and click on Display in the System section. Then adjust the Adjust brightness level slider.

2- Disable Your Keyboard Backlight

Image Source: https://www.hp.com

The keyboard of some laptops has a backlight. Although this advantage can help you when typing in the dark, it can also cause your laptop battery to drain quickly. To solve this problem, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as Function + F5 keys.

visit techjunkie.com for more details about How to Enable Your Keyboard Backlight in Windows 10.

3- Save Battery Consumption

Another thing you can do to increase the battery life of your laptop is to enable the battery-saving option in the operating system of the device. In most Windows, the Battery Saver option can turn on the option to enable battery saving. This option can increase the useful life of the laptop battery and automatically reduce its operation when the battery is not needed so that the battery is used less and keeps more energy.

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4- Minimize Network Connections

If your system is connected to the network or many peripherals, this can cause the laptop battery to drain quickly. To fix this problem, you can go to the Network Connections section in Settings and check the current connections of your system. In some versions of Windows, you can go to Control Panel and then click on Network and Internet and access Network Connections.

In this section, you can see all the networks and connections of your system. To disable any of these connections, just right-click on it and select disable.

5- Get Rid of Peripheral Devices

Besides network connections, you can also control peripheral devices connected to your system. For example, If you have multiple devices connected to your laptop at the same time, it can cause the laptop battery to drain quickly. In this case, you can disconnect the USB drive, wireless mouse, CD/DVD, or any other device that is connected to your laptop.

To see these items, just go to system settings or right-click on the desired icon in the taskbar and disable it.

6- Stop Unnecessary Background Running Programs

Image source: www.windowsreport.com

Sometimes there may be many unwanted programs running in the background of the laptop, which causes the laptop battery to drain quickly. To solve this problem, you can check the programs running in the background and disable unnecessary programs.

To solve this problem, go to Settings of your window 10 and select Privacy. Then click on Background Apps. In this section, you can disable or turn off unnecessary programs in the background.

Click on www.windowsreport.com for removing too many background processes in Windows 10.

7- Remove the Installed Disks Drive To Avoid Draining the Laptop Battery

Sometimes a CD or DVD connected to the system can cause the laptop battery to drain quickly. So you can delete it only by selecting the Eject button. If this option does not work, go to My Computer and right-click on the disk drive icon. Then select the Eject option.

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8. Close any Unwanted Features or Processes that are not Running

why is my laptop battery draining so fast
Unwanted Processes

Note that if too many processes or features are running in the background, it can lead to problems with the laptop’s battery. To check processes and running programs, first open Task Manager. To do this, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. From Task Manager, you can select any process or program that is not necessary and right-click on it.

In addition, you can go to the Settings section. Then select Apps & Features in the left menu and uninstall unnecessary programs.

9. Use the Original Laptop Charger

How to Choose the Best Laptop Charger

It is recommended to charge your laptop battery with the original charger. A fake charger in the long run not only impairs the performance of the battery but also lowers the charge-holding capacity. An ideal charger is a charger whose output voltage and amperage are compatible with the battery power.

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10. Checking Bad Charging Habits

How you charge your device plays an important role in ensuring good performance and longer battery life. In this section, We want to make your laptop battery last longer, so we are going to show you how to charge your phone properly.

  • Avoid fully charging the battery to 100% or completely discharging it to 0%.
  • Do not let the battery charge below 20% and above 80%.
  • Do not charge your laptop overnight. In the long run, it harms the battery’s health.
  • Do not use cheap and counterfeit chargers; they are deadly for your device and battery.
  • Only uses an original charger.
  • Avoid placing your laptop in a hot environment or under direct sunlight

Highlights and Important Points

These tips are a general summary of improving laptop battery life.

  • An early shutdown of the laptop while not using
  • Decrease screen brightness
  • Enable automatic adjustment of brightness if the light sensor available
  • Turn off keyboard backlights
  • Limit notifications from unnecessary apps
  • Turn on battery saving mode
  • Remove unused programs


My laptop battery drains quickly. Is it diseased?

There could be a number of reasons why your laptop battery might drain quickly. For example, if the battery is not properly charged, it might lose power very quickly. However, if your battery is fine, the cause might be something simple like the charger or a defect in the cord.  

How do I check for battery damage on a laptop?

There are a few things that you can check to see if your battery is draining too fast on your laptop. One of the first things to try is a power drain test. This will let you know how much power your laptop is using and pinpoint any areas where it’s drawing more juice than usual.
If there’s an area of the computer that’s consistently using a lot of power, it might be worth looking into upgrading or replacing your battery pack.

Why is my brand-new laptop battery draining so fast?

There are a few possible reasons your laptop battery might be draining so quickly. The most common cause is that the battery may simply not have enough power left to run your laptop at its full potential.
Another possibility is that the battery may be incorrectly configured or damaged, and as a result, isn’t able to hold as much power as it should. If you experience heavy use or long periods of inactivity, your battery may also start to drain more quickly due to residual energy still being stored in it.

How can I find out if my laptop is compatible with a specific brand of battery?

You can find out your laptop’s battery compatibility with a specific brand of battery by visiting the laptop’s manufacturer’s website and entering your laptop’s model number.

What do I need to look for when buying a laptop battery?

There are a few things to look for when purchasing a laptop battery. The first is the wattage rating – the higher the number, the more power your battery will provide.
Another factor to consider is how long your laptop battery life will be rated – batteries with a longer lifespan typically have a higher wattage rating as well.
Lastly, make sure that your laptop has an appropriately sized battery – most laptop batteries are not interchangeable between different brands and models of laptops.

Which brands of batteries are the best?

It’s hard to say definitively which brands of batteries are the best. It really depends on your laptop battery’s individual characteristics and how you typically use it. Some factors that can affect battery life include how often you open your laptop, what applications or programs you use most frequently, and whether your laptop has a backlight or other bright screen features.

How do I stop my laptop battery from draining so fast?

There are a few different reasons why your laptop battery may drain so quickly. One potential issue is if the laptop’s power management settings are set to drain the battery at an accelerated rate.
If you’re not using your laptop for a long period of time and then try to turn it on, its power management settings could cause its battery to run down much more quickly than usual.
Additionally, if your laptop has been sitting unused for a while, its batteries may have degraded significantly and require more energy from the charger in order to provide a full discharge. Finally, some laptops use smaller

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast Windows 10?

There are many reasons why a laptop battery might drain quickly. The most common causes of battery drainage on laptops include:
Excessive use of the laptop’s keyboard and screen – keeping the computer keyed up all the time will cause batteries to run down more quickly. Close apps when you’re not using them, disable notifications, turn off brightness, and adjust power settings as needed.

Running too many background tasks or applications in parallel – if you have several open applications that are sucking down your laptop’s juice, try closing some of them down or running them in a separate process.

Using the laptop’s battery power to power devices like wireless routers, gaming consoles, and digital cameras – if you’re using your laptop to power these other electronics without first charging its batteries, it’s sapping your battery life.

Why does my laptop battery drain even when not in use?

There are a few things that could be going on to cause your laptop battery to drain so quickly even when it’s not in use.

Perhaps one of the most common reasons is poor battery management. If your laptop batteries aren’t being used as efficiently as they could, their charge will slowly trickle down over time until they eventually die.

You can try to improve battery life by keeping an eye on how much power your laptop is using, shutting off unnecessary programs, and plugging in your laptop when you’re not actually using it.


If you observe that your laptop battery drains quickly, Try all of the above solutions and if that doesn’t work, suspect the health of your battery. Maybe the useful life of your battery is over and the heart of your laptop is craving a new battery.

You can also share your experiences in this field with us and with other readers. Also, if you need more information, post your questions in the comments section so that our team will answer them as soon as possible.

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